Verde Energy — Renewable Energy at Fixed Rates

A leading provider of renewable power in New England, the Midwest, and the Mid- Atlantic, Verde Energy has helped more than 250,000 residential and commercial customers enjoy the benefits of green energy. Verde Energy has a fixed price model and operates independently of utility companies to offer fixed, sustainable options.

Making the transition to renewable power with Verde Energy is easy. Customers simply have to provide a few details from their monthly utility statements. Customers continue to pay the same utility company each month but will receive green power from Verde Energy generated from technologies like hydro, wind, and solar. There’s no fee to switch, and there are options with no commitment and no cancellation fees.

Switching to Verde Energy helps the environment. Relying on sustainable power reduces the demand for fossil fuels and the many pollutants caused by burning them. These pollutants enter air and water sources and can cause ecological problems and health issues. Verde Energy supports the companies from which it receives its renewable power by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs. These RECs provide funding to energy generators to support the development and production of green energy.

In addition, Verde Energy provides completely carbon-neutral natural gas, which is also offered at reasonable fixed rates. Currently, natural gas is available to customers in Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This service comes with no hidden fees, and the customer’s billing process does not change. In areas where the natural gas market is deregulated, choosing a renewable source is a powerful way to make a difference for the environment.

Verde Energy offers many incentives to customers, from rebates for certain services to rewards programs. In addition, customers gain access to great online tools and tips for minimizing their power consumption. To learn more about the company and the geographical areas it serves, visit

Verde Energy is one of the top suppliers of residential electricity and natural gas services in NY, NJ, PA, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Illinois.